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Healing Testimonies

Healing Testimonies



Steve Harmon

Me and friend went out and saw many people get introduced to the Jesus who actually does miracles today and not just only in the 1st century. People got healed at Walmart, the soup kitchen and on the streets.

One in particular that I wanted to share was a guy out in front of Walmart. The Lord told me his knee was bad. I asked him if it hurt and he said it was. It took me about a minute for me to convince him to let me pray for it. Finally, I got to praying and the pain started leaving.. I prayed once more and it left. He was trippin' out.. He asked if I was human or had special powers and so on. I told him I did.. And he fell to the ground and worshiped me..... lol.. Joke... I'm just messing with the people that thinks that's what happens when miracles are done, so they use that as an excuse of why we shouldn't do them.. That's never ever happened. They ALWAYS get the idea that it's God and not us. Anyways, I explained to him how God lives in me and works through me and that all I do is be a conduit for Him to work having no power of my own.. And I told the guy that God wants to live in him.. He was so amazed that he told me he had Arthritic hands. I prayed for them and his hands were tingling all over. The pain left and he couldn't stop talking about it. He just couldn't believe Jesus would heal him even though he didn't follow Him.. It made him want to start.

The thing is, we can either talk or argue with people about if Jesus is real and the way, or we can just show people. It's just a lot easier to show people. I think the Apostles figured that one out early on in their evangelism. They would do one miracle and 5000 people would want to begin to follow Jesus.