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Healing Testimonies

Healing Testimonies


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Steve Harmon

I texted a friend with a healing messaged, commanding his body to be healed. It's important for me to say that I have a flip phone. When I was texting this prayer my friend was standing next to me. As I was closing my phone, I was pulling it towards my pocket. When it flipped shut, a wave of healing heat from the phone was released and went towards my friends knee. She felt it on her knee and the inside of her knee got super hot. You could feel it. The phone even felt like a pocket warmer. Her knee stayed hot for like 40 minutes. She had been having trouble in her right knee for quite some time. When she left there was no pain at all in her knee.. lol.. Give it up for the Great Physician, Jesus!! It's that ever increasing Glory Paul talked about.. C'mon!!


Steve Harmon

A guy asked me for a cigarette and I told him I don't smoke. I then began a conversation with him. He told me he was an Iraq war vet, in the marines. He's homeless and apart of the Occupy Oakland movement. We talked for a 20 minutes and then he told me that he had a torn rotator cuff that needs surgery. I asked him if I could pray for it to make it well. He said, "No, no.. I'm a Satanist bro". He proceeded to tell me all of his beliefs about God and the world. I just listened to him. I then said, "I'm not like other Christians you've met. I love people and I see value in you. There's love in you. There's a big heart that has been covered and people don't see it, but I see it."

He then told me that he has two daughters living in Oakland and that last week he celebrated his 12 year old daughter's birthday. He gave her a birthday cake which was "hash brownies" (Marijuana laced brownies). She got so excited and was jumping up and down saying that you're the best dad in the whole world, and he said he started crying when she said that.. I actually started crying myself just because the situation was so messed up, but in that, his daughter showed him a form of love and it moved him so much. Up to this point, I just wanted to hold this big guy because he was starving for love.

He told me that he nearly beat a man to death for rapping his daughter's friend. He served 5 years for it. He was pouring out his life to me. I then asked him again if I could pray for his shoulder and at this point, he felt more comfortable with me and he said, "Sure". So I laid my hands on his shoulder right under the light signal on the corner and started to command the infirmity to leave. I prophesied as well. I told him to check it out.. When he moved it, it started leaving. I prayed again and it was completely gone. He was swinging it and couldn't get it to hurt. He was shocked because he also had been a shaman in his past and would heal people, but could never be healed himself.

From this point, I just laid into him the good news of Jesus in a way he had never heard it. He was no longer objecting to it. He started crying when I told him that God has a plan for his life because his mom used to tell him that when he was once a pastor! His mom told him recently that all the seeds he sowed into people's lives, 10 or 15 of them, had gotten off drugs and were walking with God now. He cried telling me all that and said, "Now look at me. I'm homeless and an alcoholic?"

I told Him that the Lord is still saying yes to you and then asked if I could pray the Holy Spirit on him.. He said "yes". I told him "That when I touch you, you're gonna feel something that cannot be compared to any other drug you've had. I put my hands on him and prayed for fire and love. His eyes were closed and tears were coming down his face. After I was done, he opened his eyes and said, "That was intense!". We talked more and I just kept pouring the love of God into him. After I was done, God told me to tell him that tonight Jesus was going to visit him in a dream. He said, "Okay!".. He told me that 16 years ago was when he last felt God. I told him "16 years from that day God came and touched you again because He loves you".

On the corner where rebellion against the establishment was birthed in the 60's, God showed up in love and in power to tell a prodigal son to come home..


Steve Harmon

Me and friend went out and saw many people get introduced to the Jesus who actually does miracles today and not just only in the 1st century. People got healed at Walmart, the soup kitchen and on the streets.

One in particular that I wanted to share was a guy out in front of Walmart. The Lord told me his knee was bad. I asked him if it hurt and he said it was. It took me about a minute for me to convince him to let me pray for it. Finally, I got to praying and the pain started leaving.. I prayed once more and it left. He was trippin' out.. He asked if I was human or had special powers and so on. I told him I did.. And he fell to the ground and worshiped me..... lol.. Joke... I'm just messing with the people that thinks that's what happens when miracles are done, so they use that as an excuse of why we shouldn't do them.. That's never ever happened. They ALWAYS get the idea that it's God and not us. Anyways, I explained to him how God lives in me and works through me and that all I do is be a conduit for Him to work having no power of my own.. And I told the guy that God wants to live in him.. He was so amazed that he told me he had Arthritic hands. I prayed for them and his hands were tingling all over. The pain left and he couldn't stop talking about it. He just couldn't believe Jesus would heal him even though he didn't follow Him.. It made him want to start.

The thing is, we can either talk or argue with people about if Jesus is real and the way, or we can just show people. It's just a lot easier to show people. I think the Apostles figured that one out early on in their evangelism. They would do one miracle and 5000 people would want to begin to follow Jesus.