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Healing Testimonies

Healing Testimonies



Steve Harmon

Last night I helped out at a soup kitchen and sat down with a guy who had pain all over. He used to be a pro wrestle and had old injuries. We talked a bit and then he let me pray for him. I started out with his right shoulder. Pain left. Then his left shoulder. He felt a pop in his neck. Pain left. Then his hip. Pain left and didn't need his cane. Somewhere in all those prayers his feet got healed. Then Jesus grew his leg out and his other hip popped and pain left. Dude was shocked..

After that, we heard one the leaders give a sermon that was very unencouraging, saying that God will take the lives of your friends to get your attention. Then some guy wanted to get up during the sermon and he got verbally assaulted by the speaker in front of 50 people. He was told to sit down or he won't eat. The guy was embarrassed and said some things in defense. The speaker chose to make the prayer for meal, about this guy having the demon removed from him.. And to top it all off the speaker ended the sermon with "God loves you". Everyone there had a glazed, hopeless, and depressed look over their face. It made me sad. I told everyone sitting at my table that Jesus wouldn't say that and is not like that and apologized for the speaker's actions and words. I went up to the guy who got humiliated after the message and apologized to him as well, then let him know how much Jesus really did love him. I could tell this guy was a hard individual, but what I said really meant a lot to him.

Where is the love from the church? Feeding people is not enough to justify that one has love..