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Healing Testimonies

Healing Testimonies


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Steve Harmon

As me and my friend David were walking into the hospital to pray for a friend we saw a girl who was walking out with a crutch in the hall way. She was limping really bad and was in excruciating pain. I stopped and asked what happened and she said, from her translator that it was damage from a car accident. The hospital had just given her a crutch to walk on, and now she was on the way out. So I asked if we could pray. She said, “Yes.” I prayed once and there was only a small change. I prayed a second time and told her to move her leg and all of sudden she was stunned. The pain was gone. She looked at her mother and grandmother and told them, “No Pain!” We then had her start walking around without the crutch. Her whole group was shocked. The Grandmother started praying and praising the Lord. They didn’t believe a miracle could instantly happen.

She even did a squat and there was no pain. She walked around the hall cautiously because she was thinking this was too good to be true. So she would take little steps thinking that at anytime the pain would start. It never did. The nurse at the end of the hall stopped and watched. It created a little scene so we started saying Jesus’ name pretty loud. “Jesus just healed you! Jesus just healed you!” The family was rejoicing and the girl had a new hip. It was Glorious! There’s a reason why He’s called the Great Physician. It’s because He doesn't send you away with a crutch when you're wounded. He just heals you ;)


Steve Harmon

I texted a friend with a healing messaged, commanding his body to be healed. It's important for me to say that I have a flip phone. When I was texting this prayer my friend was standing next to me. As I was closing my phone, I was pulling it towards my pocket. When it flipped shut, a wave of healing heat from the phone was released and went towards my friends knee. She felt it on her knee and the inside of her knee got super hot. You could feel it. The phone even felt like a pocket warmer. Her knee stayed hot for like 40 minutes. She had been having trouble in her right knee for quite some time. When she left there was no pain at all in her knee.. lol.. Give it up for the Great Physician, Jesus!! It's that ever increasing Glory Paul talked about.. C'mon!!


Steve Harmon

I saw a lady scootin' around in a motorized cart. I asked her why. She said she had a sciatic nerve issue and other stuff. I asked if I could pray. She said, "I've had lots of people pray for me" to let me know that if I pray, I'd be wasting me time. She let me pray and then she felt heat on her lower back. I prayed again and told her to move around. The pain diminished a lot. They were both Christian, by the way. I told her 30 year old daughter to start laying hands on her and praying. I then also told her how to do it and and explained how consistency is key and that the Holy Spirit lives in her and wants to flow through her. I told them scriptures that confirm my point so they could see themselves.

I could tell they were a little weirded out, but they were listening. Finally they left and went to the next isle. I walked passed and saw the lady getting out of her cart checking out her new back and the daughter looking at her disbelief. I love seeing those shocked looks on faces after Jesus invades their world..