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Love in action

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Steve Harmon

I met a homeless guy who stopped me. We talked a bit and he said he prayed a half hour before for God to send him somebody. He was sitting out in front of the chapel of awareness, a spiritualist church. This guy was drunk and quoting scripture to me. Normally I don't do this, but I felt like the Lord was wanting me to press the issue he had with the alcohol. I kept telling him that the bottle right next to him was the thing causing him grief and pain. He would deny it and said he only drinks as a past time.

I would look directly in his eyes and tell him "God loves you". He would respond with, "I already know that". I repeated myself several times. Then he would stop responding and listen to what I was saying. He would start crying for a bit, then go back to talking. During this time he took 4 sips from his container of alcohol. I said to him, "Allan! That bottle is the reason why you have no place to sleep at night! That bottle is the reason the cops harass you! That bottle is the reason you have no relationships in your life!" He took another sip of his bottle and then threw it and started crying. I began praying over him. With snot, tears and alcohol all over him, I gave him a hug. He felt God's presence and said he hadn't felt it for years.

He admitted that he needs to stop and let God be Lord of his life. After I prayed for him, he checked out his hand. He had a broken bone in his left hand that was floating. He started touching it and it was not moving because it mended back together and there was no pain. He couldn't believe it. For the next ten minutes he kept feeling his hand saying, "It's not moving. It's not moving." I told him to thank Jesus. He lifted up his hands and said, "Thank you Jesus, Jehovah, Yeshua, God! And then looked down at his hand again and said, "It's not moving. It's not moving."