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Steve Harmon

A good friend of mine, before he came to know Jesus, lived a successful life on paper. He had a great job, no debt, and had many possessions. Like with many, all of that didn't fulfill him. He began to get suicidal, so one day, he bought a gun and planned out when he would use it on himself. The night before his planned suicide he went to bed and woke up around 3 or 4 in the morning. For some reason, he crawled out of bed, to the living room, and into his recliner chair. He turned on the tv. Right then on the tv, there was a woman talking about Jesus. She grabbed his attention when she started talking about a person who was watching that had experienced a type of abuse at age 12. The woman described in accurate detail, without being graphic, what had happened to him when he was 12. She went on to say that God never approved of it and His heart broke for him when this abuse occurred. The woman described other events that happened to him when he was 15, 16 and 18 in accurate detail. It was impossible for this woman to know this information, because some of it had never been told to anybody. When she was done describing the words of knowledge that God gave her, she said, " You don't need to take your life. God is calling you into a relationship with Him right now." She then pointed on camera to the right of her, in the exact location of where he was sitting in the room.

He picked up the phone called the number on the screen. He said to the one taking the call, "I'm the one she is talking about." The person he was talking to said, "I know.. Because you're the only one that called."

He gave his life to Jesus that day. This is just another reason why spiritual gifts are important to the body of Christ. We all can move in these gifts. I used to believe that only certain Christians could operate in specific spiritual gifts. It's not true.. It just takes a little training and practice to learn.