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Non-Boring Theology Talk

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Steve Harmon

God chose to love the world long before the world chose to love God. John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son..." So, before the world chose to do anything good, righteous, or holy, God made the initial decision to love humanity BEFORE IT EVER REPENTED. That's a powerful concept. We've been taught that God would give out love based on human action. The reason that gets taught comes from human reasoning itself. Throughout our lives, we've been taught that you work for something and based on your efforts, you get something for it. That's not how God's love works and that's why people have so much confusion on this subject.

Many of us were raised in a way in which loved was withheld, so we had to earn that love back by doing good. God doesn't work like that. His love is relentless and always on-going. The aim of the demonic is to get you to believe that God's love gets withheld by your actions, so you are required to make new actions to get it back. God wants you to know the concept that you are loved 100% and the enemy doesn't. When you don't know you're loved, you have a performance based identity and over time, you may get tired of performing and eventually quit because it's too difficult to maintain.