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Love in action

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Steve Harmon

In Ocean Beach, Me, Brittny, Jessica, and Brian met up to do a creative expressions session, but it turned out that Jesus had other plans. Jessica had pulled some people off the street. One was a spiritualist or "seeker", and the others were 3 Christians who were out doing street evangelism (the non-power kind). We talked to them about the power of God, then asked if any needed healing. The Christians that were there really wanted to move in the power of God. The seeker needed back healing so I had one of those Christians come over and pray for her back. We prayed twice and the back was healed and leg grew out. Then one of the Christians had a short leg. We had another one of the 3 Christians command her leg to grow. Then He prayed for carpal tunnel. These 3 were getting so excited about watching the power of God move through them. We showed them that the power of God has always been in them, but had not had a chance to really be demonstrated. They left edified, consoled and empowered.

All in all, we prophesied over them and Jessica and brian were on it with pinpoint prophecies. They were hittin' the nail on the head. Tears were fallin' and hearts were healin'. Me and brittny gave some powerful words that confirmed things that God had been previously speaking to them. What was cool is that the spiritualist was really impacted by everything. She loved it and said she's coming back!! We prayed over her and she felt incredible peace that only Jesus can bring..