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Love in action


Steve Harmon

One case in particular was when God gave me a word of knowledge and showed me that diabetes had something to do with this guy and that specifically he needed to reduce his sugar intake. I was a little nervous to tell him that. I asked him if He had diabetes and he said no, but he said his mom had it as well as his dad. I told him that the Lord showed me that he needed to stop eating so much sugar. He said that morning, he had a strong conviction to reduce his sugar because he eats desserts all the time. Not only that, his wife told him the day before and according to him, eating sweets in excess had actually become a problem in the last few years.

Sometimes the demonic is not always the direct cause of our illness and God wants us to use wisdom on how we eat. But on the same token, the enemy can put a craving in us to operate in excess, which seemed to be the case with this guy.