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Is God in Control?


Steve Harmon

Well, what first needs to be defined is what the word ‘Sovereign’ means. We’ve always been taught that the word means ‘to have total control over.’ It’s so far from the actual dictionary definition. It is this definition that has caused the chaos over this issue in the church for awhile. The word sovereign means, “One that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere.” Basically, it means 'to have authority to rule and make decisions.' The definition of sovereign or authority says nothing about having ‘total control’ over something. The word ‘Authority’ means, “The power to determine, adjudicate, or otherwise settle issues or disputes.” A king is sovereign over a nation, but they don’t have total control over it. The king has the right or authority to enforce laws, but can the people break those laws? Yes, because the King is only sovereign over the people. The King doesn’t have total control over the minds of the people so they cannot be controlled. The thing is, God can have ‘total control’ over humanity, but He chose not to. He chose to only be sovereign (have authority) over humanity. I've heard someone say this.. "There's a riot in the streets. The police officer has all authority, but he doesn't have all control."

God is the rule maker of the planet, who by His own words, restrained Himself from being in total control and chose to delegate control of the planet to Adam. If there is a free-will scripture, Genesis 1:26;28 would be it, besides the hundreds of 'If-Then' statements God made throughout the bible. How does God take control over the planet? Adam gives God control back through the method of Prayer. Humanity prays and uses the authority that God gives them and it releases God to work His supernatural power on earth, healings, miracles, signs and wonders, etc.. This system of releasing God to control was not created by Adam or any human, but by God Himself. It’s amazing that the all powerful, all knowing, all mighty God would even devise this system of Rule. Why would He let His creation rule? Because He loves His creation and wants them to have the ability to choose for the purpose of relationship. Apparently He’s not into robots. We see what happens when human beings get total power over everything, they want to have total control. God is the opposite. He has total power over everything, but doesn't want to have total control. We humans are power hungry, so we think that if we were God, we would control everything. God's not like that. He's not like us because He's a totally different breed altogether.