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Eschatology (End Times Teaching)

Eschatology (End Times Teaching)


Steve Harmon

We must remember that all eschatology (End times teachings) are theories based on a person's scriptural interpretation. There are many beliefs on how the "last days" will look, but none of them can be proven as fact. I've studied this stuff for a long time and there are always, always, always, counter arguments to each eschatology theory. There are Christians that get so zealous on these end time beliefs that they divide with believers over it. Some even will accuse others as not being saved if they don't agree with their eschatology. I know.. It's sad..

We need to be careful in being so dogmatic that the end of the world will happen the way it has been taught to us. Must we forget that everyone got it wrong on what the messiah was supposed to do and look like? They had all the prophecies in the scriptures, but they interpreted them wrong. They thought Jesus was going to drive out the Roman occupation and set up the Kingdom in Jerusalem. He didn't do that. He got crucified. Nobody saw that coming. After it happened, then they understood the prophecies correctly.

In conclusion, Jesus is coming back. Will the planet be in shambles or will it be transformed by the time He returns?