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Steve Harmon

I went and prayed for my friend who's 93 years old. She has trouble with her eyes in which she can't see a lot of light so she has to keep everything dark and plus, her legs are bad and weak. She had surgery two weeks before on her eyes. I prayed for her on Thursday last week for an hour. I anointed her with oil and after about 2 minutes of praying the pain left the right side of her head and was only hurting on the left. I commanded the spirit of infirmity to leave. All of a sudden, the pain moved from her head to her Jaw. I knew that it was demonic trauma, even though she had surgery. The idea came into my head to tell the demon to leave out of her left arm so I commanded it to do that. I told the pain to go from the jaw to the shoulder and it did.

Then I told the pain to go from the shoulder to the elbow, and it did. Then to the hand. She could feel pain in the palm of her hand. Then I told it to leave out of her fingers, and it did. She felt it leave. There were several demonic infirmities on or in her head, I'm not exactly sure. I kept telling them all to leave through her arm and they did, 4 times. She actually saw one of the demons leave and described it of being ugly and having only one eye. I opened up the blinds and the light wasn't bothering her and the pain had completely left.

The next week, I prayed for her legs.. She started feeling tingling all through them. I had her start walking around the apartment. They got so strong she started dancing. So I started dancing with her.. 93 years old and she's dancing all over her room. She came with me to church that night and before that, had been confined to her apartment for a month.

Just because we are old doesn't mean we have to die from a disease.. God can just take you in your sleep. I once heard of this story of a 103 year old woman with cancer who had people from her church pray for her several times a week. They contended and she got healed, lived 18 more months and then died peacefully in her sleep.. lol.. Who says that when you're old you have to suffer?? God didn't..


Steve Harmon

Let me give a little background first. We sometimes set up booths in establishments or at street fairs that offer free spiritual readings. The main purpose is to reach the spiritualist community. They come to us and we basically give them prophetic words from the Lord. In other words, we are sowing seeds. They ask us what our source of power is and we will tell them "Jesus". Most of the time, they don't get freaked out by it. Sometimes they do, but rarely, if you know how to convey it right. It's a powerful ministry, and rewarding, at that.. There are some Christians who get freaked out by this because they basically are ignorant and think a demon will jump on you if fart in the wrong direction. At the end of the day, Christians are to go into these dark places and bring the light, rather than invite people to their church, thinking that is what evangelism is.

One woman came in for a "spiritual reading" (Aka. Prophecy) that had supernatural experiences from her youth. Before the woman told us about anything, the Lord showed me that she goes into trances and gets attacked by dark spirits. I asked her if she ever has trances and said, “Yes”. She then started telling us her story. She grew up in an evangelical, Christian home who believed that anything supernatural was of the devil. She never would talk about her experiences because of fear of condemnation. Later in life she tried to attend 5 evangelical Christian churches and all rejected her, so she learned not to talk about the supernatural. She later found acceptance in spiritualism and the occult. She frequently visited psychics and studied many spiritualist beliefs and eastern religions.

She told us that Christianity and all spiritual practices are all the same and that they all lead to God. That prompted me to explain to her that she has a gift from God, which is why she can hear and see spirits, but that her gift is anointed by a dark spirit, and not God. I said that those very spirits that help you out with information and power are also the ones tormenting you.. She said, “Really?” I explained to her the whole dynamic on the occult. She was blown away.. She never knew and nobody could really explain it to her. She said, “Well what do I do?” I told her that we can remove those spirits and equip her to fight against them. She was all ears. She renounced every part of the occult that she opened the door to. As she was doing that her facial expression started to change and was going into a trance. We took authority and casted the demons out. She then accepted Jesus back into her heart. Everything changed in her. A humongous smile came over her face in contrast to the frown she came in with. She was so happy and felt a weight come off her that she had, almost her whole life. We got a church for her to start going to and she can’t wait to go. I love spiritualist people because they are so open and you don’t have to convince them of God’s power. You just show them that God’s power is stronger than anything else they’ve tried.

Also I got a word of knowledge about a right ear for a woman. She had crackling in only her right ear. That got healed. Also for others, a neck, back, and short leg grew and were healed among all the hearts that were blessed and touched. Yay God!